Author : Naveen Prasad, Founder & MD at Group Agilis    Published on November 25, 2021

The convergence of reality into the digital world is happening. All those sci-fi movies are coming into reality. With the upcoming ‘Web 3.0’ we’re in the making of a future where the world will be at your home.

‘Metaverse’ will be the dent in the technology world from which we will perhaps never look back. Not only bringing technological changes, but we are also now open to a new, uncharted sector of investment.

The digital assets will now not only be confined to NFT’s or cryptos, but it will also be a whole new world to invest in. A whole new world! Like a new Earth.

What will be in this new world to invest in?

To be honest, what won’t boom in the ‘Metaverse’ will be you if you don’t believe it. Every brand in every sector has already started to adapt to the metaverse so, it won’t be left when it comes into reality.

When I say there will be a whole new Earth to sell in, I mean it. Everything you can sell in the real world will be sold digitally too. So, everything you can invest in the real world, you can invest in the metaverse. Understand this with an example: Like real life, you will have a virtual life. And you will have an avatar to live in. Now, an avatar needs clothing, you buy it. It needs a house to live in, you buy it. It needs decor for home, you buy it. Games, concerts, conferences, fitness, anything you want for them you buy it. And whatever you buy will stay digital.

Who’s selling it and what you can buy?

The above example proves you will have an alternate life virtually but from whom you will buy those things? Every brand you know has started its digital chain of stores. And new brands with new ideas are online to make the new space theirs.

You can buy a real address in a digital world to secure it, you will not have the real land authority but the digital land will be yours. Decentraland and other companies have already sold lands costing multi-millions for metaverse. The big brands like Nike etc. are putting NFT’s of clothing and fitness wear to be used in the metaverse.

NFT’s from digital artists or any of your collections can be used and showcased as your home interior decor. NFT will be the new way of luxury in the metaverse.

Brands will put metaverse shops to influence your metaverse wardrobe. Eventually leading in the sales and putting another stream of income into their portfolio.

The gaming sector will see exponential growth due to metaverse. The demand will increase due to real-life simulation of games and new top-of-the-edge equipment needed to play them. VR will change the way we look at the gaming industry. Already rising, the sector will lead a huge capital in the metaverse.

Fintech, the revolution in finance will revolutionize the metaverse too. The interoperability of apps will require more diversified payment services. Crypto will be one of the major sources of payment but yet we can’t assume it would be the only one, seeing the growth of fintech in the past.

Education will change forever for good by VR in the meta, where you can learn everything first hand with experts sitting near you. Facebook is investing 150 million dollars to train the next generation of creators to build immersive learning content. Edtech will see a new horizon of investment that will surpass its current investment level.

The metaverse will open endless possibilities of investments as the demand for things that are yet unknown will transcend the demand for the goods we know. NFT's and crypto are proven products of the above statement.

The Creator's Economy

It won’t be an exaggeration to call the metaverse era, the modern Renaissance. The rise of the digital economy was most helpful to the creators compared to corporations. Emerging art forms like digital artists, developers, content creators are a big part of the economy now.

The power of decentralization is proving its worth to the individual creators with skills. The hold of big corporate houses is not losing at the same time. Metaverse will be the place where both will prosper simultaneously decreasing the money disparity in the economy. All of this is proven by the trends of NFT where individuals having no big-name are selling their work for millions.

The metaverse will bring new options for investment. Mark Zuckerberg claims the metaverse will have a user base of around 1 billion in the next decade. With this many people to reach and the capital to be expected is enormous in numbers. Security and governance of the investment will be scrutinized at extreme levels to avoid the economy falling into a bubble or depression.

The Meta World Investing

Metaverse will change everything. It has the potential to make anything we imagine come true. This much potential comes with the equivalent of risk altogether. Systematic investment with proper guidance and the experience of professionals can help you grow in this world and the world that is yet to be discovered.

More investors will come to the market, so you have to lead your portfolio with expert consultants. We as a company believe in customer satisfaction, as their happiness fuels us to work more diligently. The upcoming world of Metaverse is new, but sustaining and gaining growth is much easier if done with established people in the industry.

Those days will be coming soon when Metaverse will drive the economy just as the Internet helps drive the economy now. Globalization will see altogether new levels.