Capital restructuring is a corporate operation that involves changing the mixture of debt and equity in a company's capital structure. It is performed in order to optimize profitability or in response to a crisis like bankruptcy, hostile takeover bid, or changing market conditions.

We seek out the most effective capital structure from our diverse funding sources that include asset-based lenders, mezzanine lenders, angel investors, venture capital groups, private equity groups, and other credit providers. We advise our clients to get a perfectly balanced capital structure.

Our suite of Capital Restructuring services comprise:

> Restructuring existing debt and equity
> Loan agreement amendments / waivers / extensions
> Distressed M&A
> Managing stakeholder relationships
> Due Diligence
> Negotiating

With the help of capital restructuring, the company runs smoother and more economically sound business operations. Our diverse portfolio of investors is keen to invest in businesses. We help you to position yourself better for business growth, help maintain productivity through the tedious process of capital restructuring.

With a combined 70+ years of combined experience, €4+ billion transactions under the mandate, and operational in 10+ markets, we believe in results and reduce your difficulties to ease every step for capital fundraising.

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