Distressed Investing Advisory refers to investing in distressed securities meaning purchasing the equity and fixed income securities of companies that are either in bankruptcy or have a meaningful likelihood of filing for bankruptcy shortly. These companies have claims against them that are greater than the value of their assets.

We at Agilis Advisors provide Distressed Investing Advisory by creating deal structures, accessing capital markets, and implementing strategies. As an advisor to companies with distressed assets, we help clients create opportunities for liquidity, growth, and long-term advantage. With the right knowledge across disciplines and industries to advise borrowers, lenders, and investors, we assist them in achieving their immediate and long-term needs in this challenging economic environment.

Our suite of Distressed Investing Advisory services comprise:

> Restructuring existing debt and equity
> Loan agreement amendments / waivers / extensions
> Managing stakeholder relationships
> Due diligence
> Negotiation

We make sure the all-around deal process goes smoothly with professionalism and efficiency. Distressed Investing is a good opportunity for both parties to gain capital. We help you to find the best possible profit from the deal.

With a combined 70+ years of combined experience, €4+ billion transactions under the mandate, and operational in 10+ markets, we believe in results and reduce your difficulties to ease every step while doing distressed investing.

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