We recognize the importance of seed funding in a start-up’s cycle as it acts as a foundation for the beginning. The stronger the foundation, the further up the company can go. We try to play a pivotal role in helping our clients to accelerate their growth.

Seed funding can be a tedious task while you have to focus on team building and value the product with limited time available. We initiate the funding round until the funding is provided and follow up the deal till its closure.

Among all the potential investors, we help you find the one best for your business. We understand seed funding is a vital stage for a startup and we make sure this stage is supervised with professional care.

We can support you in the following ways:

> Early-stage financing - We will help you to get adequate funds to get started and operate the basic business functions. The initial kick would let you stand on your own and get running for your business targets.
> Expansion financing - Enterprise needs further push-up to take the business to the next levels for which we are always ready to cater.
> Enterprise Building – We will help you get financial assistance in the development of the market, business strategy, business supply chain, etc.

After the funding round, we follow-up and provide after guidance for fund placement to use the funding efficiently. We help you to maximise your output with the initial procurement of funding.

We ensure total transparency with our clients as well as ensure that our clients remain in control throughout the value chain.

With a combined 70+ years of combined experience, €4+ billion transactions under the mandate, and operational in 10+ markets, we believe in results and reduce your difficulties to ease every step in seed funding.

For further help and guidance, contact us at:
hello@agilisadvisors.com, office@agilisadvisors.com
+49 (0)30 35293151