The venture capital market is highly competitive and fundraising is challenging. CEOs need to be well prepared, act professionally and usually focus on the financing round almost 100% of the time for 6-9 months.

As an Advisory Company, we know this fact that Advisors can add a lot of value when raising a round of capital, particularly at the later stages. Such advisors can help streamline the process by front-loading a lot of the diligence and preparation, allowing you to focus more closely on running the company. They can also help provide access to a broader set of investors.

Professional fundraising advice and support increase the chances of a successful conclusion of a financing round and the capacities to focus on your own core competencies.

What do We Offer?

1) Agilis Advisors supports startups throughout the fundraising process. Starting from developing a fundraising strategy to closing     the transaction (and beyond).
2) We are hands-on fundraising experts, who not only provide advice but are also involved in operational support for the entire time     that a financing round requires.
3) This gives management (especially CEO) 20-30% more time for day-to-day business. And that with limited risk, because     performance-related remuneration is always a part of our business. This shows our commitment and dedication to your company.
4) We work very data-driven and hands-on in due diligence quality. We see ourselves as interim co-founders who look for further     optimization potential beyond our service portfolio and can also offer our customers a broad network.

Why We?

1) 20-30% More Time :-Financing rounds are very time-consuming. Thanks to our professional support in fundraising, top management (especially the CEO) gains efficiency and consequently has more time to focus on the core business.

2) Higher Likelihood of Closing :- You often only have one attempt for a financing round. Anyone who draws on our expertise from numerous transactions significantly increases the effectiveness of the financing round and thus the likelihood of success.

3) Relatively High Return on Investment :- Together with our customers, we have in the past collected 100 to 200 times the capital used for our consulting fees from investors per financing round.

4) Structures, Frameworks and Networks :- Financing rounds are ideal for optimizing internal processes. That is why we support you in finance as well as operations in parallel and leave frameworks, structures and networks to experts for any follow-up rounds.