Bank financing means asking a financial institution (Bank) to lend money with a promise to repay that money and some additional fee, or interest, over a period of time.
Access to financing is critical to every growing business. And when business opportunities arise, you need quick access to funding.

We at Agilis Advisors can provide you with the following services:

* Identification of potential sources of financing
* Preparation of suitable documentation
* Promote the transaction to prospective lenders and secure competitive bids
* Negotiations with banks
* Verification of conditions and loan agreements

Our network and expertise around different markets will help financing become approachable even with currency differences. We help with all the proceedings and legal work on your behalf while having total transparency of the negotiation.
Bank financing involves a huge deal of time for all the legal proceedings. We want you to help share the burden, as we want you to primarily focus on the product.
With a combined 70+ years of combined experience, €4+ billion transactions under the mandate, and operational in 10+ markets, we believe in results and reduce your difficulties to ease every step for Bank financing.

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