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PPE Procurement

With offices in Germany, UAE, Mauritius and presence in Netherlands, SouthAfrica, we are perfectly positioned to source PPEs and mobilize the supply for critical care in the COVID crisis.

Even in this chaotic market, we have been able to set-up processes and verified sources of Gloves and PPEs, after months of our team's work. We have been able to achieve this because:

We have the right connections with the top Investors/Funds: A matter of fact is that, most of the top manufacturers are completely sold out and do not offer any fresh allocations, or contracts. Our core activities being in the financing side (globally), we leveraged our connections who actually went to the factories, talked to the sales team and realised way back in May that getting a direct contract with top manufacturers, distributors is almost impossible. So we adopted an alternate strategy - go to our connections who have the financial capability to buy the contracts which have already been signed. Luckily we did that and have tasted success. So through our Investors we now have access to contract/allocation holders for production lines with the manufacturers..

Additionally, we only work on structured finance instruments (LC, Escrow) without any upfront payment.

Having said the above, we are also able to provide direct contracts with factories/distributors, for select brands.