Businesses can find the debt solution that not just best suits their organization and capital structure, but that also provides them with maximum flexibility, on the best possible terms, while being unburdened from a specialized and extensive process.

We advise businesses on their capital requirements, structure solutions to address their capital needs, and raise debt or structured capital from various capital providers (including, banks and private funds).

After meeting with you, we:

> Analyze the asset’s past operating performance and/or projected future performance.
> Apply our competitive market knowledge.
> Recommend a capital structure that best fits your objectives.
> Create a customized “lender-friendly” marketing teaser.
> Identify potential lenders with investment goals that match your desired capital structure.
> Promote the transaction to prospective lenders and secure competitive bids.
> Help negotiate and close the transaction.

We provide you with a recommendation that takes into account: your business plan; our assessment of the relative attributes of the proposed deal structures; our experience with each of the capital providers; an assessment of the process; and the probability of the deal closing under the proposed terms. Once you select a lender, we support you in negotiating the application, managing the due diligence, handling the closing, and, whenever possible, servicing the loan on an ongoing basis.